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An Offer In Compromise (OIC) is an arrangement between a taxpayer and the IRS to settle a tax debt less than what a taxpayer owes. If you cannot pay your tax debt in full but are willing to pay a fraction of the amount you owed, an offer in compromise is the right solution for you. An offer in compromise is a very effective and efficient way to eliminate your tax debt that can also benefit you, as well as the IRS.

Types of Offer in Compromise (OIC)

  • Doubt as to Collectibility Offer
  • Doubt as to Liability Offer
  • Effective Tax Administration Offer

Tax Experts For America is trained and well-experienced in the OIC tax services and can provide significant results in settling your tax debt with the IRS. Contact Tax Experts For America today to schedule a free consultation so we can determine whether an OIC is the right solution for your tax dispute and best suits your financial capacity.

What Are Other IRS Tax Debt Settlements Available That Best Suits For You?

There are other tax debt settlement options that may be available and best fit for your needs and situations. Even if you may not be entitled to an offer in compromise (OIC), you may still qualify for an installment agreement or currently not collectible status.

Contact Tax Experts For America to schedule a consultation to determine which tax settlement option suits you best!

How Tax Experts For America Helps With OIC?

Tax Experts For America practices exclusively in the area of tax controversy and IRS collection issues and cases, including offers in compromise (OIC) and IRS tax resolution to name a few. Offers in compromise are often hard to acquire. Rest assured that we have the experience, knowledge, and technical knowledge to create the best tax settlement results for you. Although it may take months to hear back from the IRS, we guarantee you that we will guide you throughout the entire process and ensure that the IRS discontinues all collection activities while the request is pending. Please know that if the IRS rejects the offer, you, the taxpayer, will be notified of the reason why it was denied and can then file a new request or appeal.

For more information about Tax Experts For America and our comprehensive services that could help you settle all your tax debt with the IRS, give us a call now!

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