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Can Delinquent Tax Debt Lead to License Revocation?

If you are in deep tax debt, there will be consequences and can be worse sometimes. But can licenses be revoked for not paying tax debts? But before your license is recommended for revocation, you will receive a Notice of Proposed Driver's License Suspension from the state, giving you a month to resolve your tax debt. If you do not respond to the notice:

  • The state will contact the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) to advise the suspension of your license.
  • The DMV will send you an Order of Suspension or Revocation letter 15 days before the date of your license revocation.

Can Licenses Subject to Revocation Due to Unpaid Tax Debt?

If anything can send you a message that you need to pay your unpaid tax debt, it will be a driver's license suspension or revocation. Your licenses are issued by states and regulated by states, so while some state tax agencies under state law can revoke, the IRS cannot suspend your license.

Some state tax agencies have legal rights to revoke state driver's licenses and IRS passport revocation due to the taxpayer's delinquent back taxes. While some states will not suspend driver's licenses due to indicating "hardship" by the taxpayer, meaning you can still drive but with restrictions. It can only allow you to drive to and from work and go out to do some errands. However, it is often limiting the validity of the said restricted licenses for only one year, but you can reapply again for a hardship restricted driver license before its expiration.

3 Ways On How To Resolve

  • Pay your debt
  • Set up an installment plan agreement
  • Prove that you are qualified or eligible for a statutory exemption from suspension

Don't Get Your License Suspended For Your Delinquent Tax Debts Today!

It is easy to avoid the tax bill, but it is tough and challenging to live without a suspended driver's license. The good news is that they are both consequences that can be avoided by just paying your unpaid tax debt.

If your delinquent tax debt is affecting not just your personal and professional licenses but also your financial stature, the team at Tax Experts For America is here, ready to help! Call us for a consultation, and we will put an end to your back taxes problem! Let us handle what we do best, so you can go on living the best out of your life.

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