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Types of IRS Tax Resolutions

When trying to resolve your tax debt with the IRS, the only option is to pay the tax debt in full. However, for some people, that is the case, while others have more options. IRS tax resolutions may vary from decreasing the penalties to resolving your tax debt with no payments at all. Each of the solutions comes with different qualifications and requirements for paperwork that you must prepare. Most of the resolutions look at your current financial status to determine if you qualify for it or not. The following are the different resolution options you have:

  • Offer in Compromise (OIC)
  • Partial Pay Installment Agreement (PPIA)
  • Streamlined Installment Agreement (SLIA)
  • Full Pay Installment Agreement (FPIA)
  • Currently Not Collectible Status (CNC)
  • Innocent Spouse Relief

Tax resolutions vary in all factors, and it is best to get professional help or advice on which options would be available and suit you. Each solution comes with its pros and cons, so it is best to contact the most reliable and professional financial experts, and that is Tax Experts For America! We will be working with you from the start until we reach your goal by providing what we do best, and that is Tax Planning Services.

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State Tax Resolutions

Some of the greatest challenges facing businesses are income, sales, use, and specialty taxes by the state government to collect tax gain. Worse, in some circumstances, a state tax audit can lead to a criminal investigation.

Common Examples of State Tax Issues

  • Sales, Excise & Use Tax Audits Unfiled Sales & Use, Franchise, Excise Returns
  • TN Department of Revenue Installment Payment Agreements
  • TN Department of Revenue Offer in Compromise
  • Criminal Tax/Special Investigations
  • Penalty Abatement

Each state has a different system or method for allocating and collecting tax. State taxing authorities frequently are difficult to deal with and sometimes more aggressive than the IRS in collecting tax.

Tax issues that may arise at the state level may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Income Tax
  • Sales & Use Tax
  • Employer Withholding Tax
  • Unemployment Tax
  • Resident & Non-Resident State Tax

State tax issues are legal and are often more complicated. We are Tax Experts For America solely focus on resolving civil tax matters with certain state revenue agencies. Call and learn more about our effective and comprehensive state tax resolution services to provide you peace of mind with all your inquiries and give you clear answers to your state tax problems.

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