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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a United States government agency responsible for the collection of taxes and enforcement of tax laws. Its primary purpose is to collect an individual's income taxes and employment taxes. They also handle corporate, sales, excise, and estate taxes.

If you owe back taxes to the IRS or state, whatever you do, do not ignore the letters or collection efforts because the IRS will pursue you relentlessly until the problem becomes a nightmare in your life. If you overlook the IRS, you are risking:

  • Wage Garnishments
  • Bank Accounts Levy
  • Property Seizures
  • Tax Liens
  • and more!

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Tax levies are the most extreme action used by the IRS to freeze your bank statements, garnish wages, and seize properties and assets. However, the IRS usually levies after the following requirements are met:

  • The IRS evaluated the tax and sent you a letter of Notice and Demand for Payment
  • You neglected or declined to pay your tax debt
  • The IRS sent you a letter of Final Notice of Intent to Levy and a letter of Notice of Your Right to A Hearing

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A tax levy is a procedure the IRS uses to collect funds in several different ways to resolve the debt. It gives the IRS the legal right to:

  • Freeze your bank accounts or levy bank accounts
  • Garnish your wages
  • Seize properties
  • Seize assets

Levies are serious matters best handled by tax professionals with in-depth experience and knowledge in tax resolution. If you seek to levy tax help, Tax Experts For America is the right one to call! We have been one of the most trusted and reliable levy tax professionals for years now.

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A bank levy is a legal action that allows the IRS or creditors to take funds from your bank accounts. The bank will freeze your funds in your account and send the money to your creditor to pay your debt. The bank levies will continue until you pay your debt in full. In some situations, it is possible to prevent a levy, especially when the only money you have in your bank account is from federal benefits.

However, you can potentially prevent and limit levies to your bank account. Speak to one of our certified professionals today about our bank levy services and find out what options are available to you!

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