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How To Avoid Passport Revocation by the IRS

One way in which the IRS can guarantee paying off your back tax debt is by denying the passport that allows you to travel or leave the country. Passport revocation is one way the IRS can collect your payment with your tax debt.

How Does Passport Revocation Work?

The law allows the state department to revoke, deny, or limit passports for any US citizen acknowledged by the IRS that has delinquent tax debt. Once the debt has been certified, the IRS will inform the state department that you have unsettled tax debts and ban or refuse you from receiving a US passport until they reverse the ruling. Also, if you have an existing one, it can be canceled or will be denied or rejected if you renew it.

Once notifying the state department, there is a 90-day delay in denying your passport, which gives you the time to do the following:

  • Pay your tax debt
  • Request for a payment agreement with the IRS
  • Resolve all your cases with certifications

Some Exceptions That Not Qualifies As Being Seriously Delinquent

  • FBAR Penalty and Child Support
  • Timely Payments Under Approved Installment Agreement
  • Due Process Hearing in Place on Levy To Collect Debt
  • Timely Payments Under Compromise with the IRS or Justice Department
  • Innocent Spouse Relief Suspension

When you fall under one or more of the said exceptions, then your travel passport is safe. Other conditions do not trigger a notification by the IRS to the state department, including:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Identity Theft Victim
  • Hardship Clause
  • Installment Agreement that is Pending
  • Pending Compromise with the IRS
  • Situated in Federal Disaster Area

Primarily, once the passport is denied, canceled, or revoked, you must pay in full or an arrangement with the IRS if you want to get your passport back. The first thing you need to do is to contact the IRS and make arrangements. You should know that it may take up to 30 days from the time of the resolved tax debt when a notification from the state department is noted for reversal of the certification.

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